Busy Town

Utah's Famous Fruit Way begins and ends at the Brigham City Farmers Market.

Here's what we mean...

If you are traveling southbound on I-15, take any one of the three Brigham City exits into Historic Downtown and proceed to the center of town where you'll find the Brigham City Farmer's Market. After you visit the Farmers market, drive south along old Highway 89. You'll see a dozen fruit stands lining the road, along with a collection of self-serve (honor system) vending stations. During the harvest season, from July to October, it is very busy, so watch for onlookers and traffic entering the highway.

If you are traveling Northbound, exit I-15 onto Old Hwy 89 and continue to drive North. You'll begin to see the fruit stands shortly after you leave the freeway. Continue north, until you reach the Brigham City Farmers Market in the center of the Historic District. Once you have visited the Farmers market, you can quickly take any one of three routes back onto Interstate Hwy I-15.

And don't worry about losing time. Old Hwy 89 parallels the interstate, so you will be able to get on and off the freeway in very little time.

This year, the market’s second season, will continue a very robust  tradition of local farmers providing fresh produce directly to consumers. Here is what you need to know:

Bill of Rights Plaza, next door to the Box Elder County Courthouse

Saturdays - 8:00 am to 1:00 pm from June 17-September 30

Farmers, Artisans, Live Music, & Food Trucks

Market organizers believe in a farmers first, customer friendly, and community minded operation. They boast the lowest cost for vending in the region with a streamlined application process. Their goal is to create a sustainable Farmers Market by ensuring a good mix of farmers, fresh food, local artisans, and entertainment.

Given the large number of fresh produce stands along Utah Hwy 89 (Utah’s Famous Fruit Way), one could wonder why the Farmers Market has been such a hit in Brigham City. It boils down to three simple reasons: Convenience, Value, and Community.

Convenience: Most small farmers don’t have a roadside stand and many in the community like the wide variety of choices found at the Farmers Market. One centralized location for producers and consumers is undeniably convenient for both. This public market model has been with us in one form or another for most of recorded history.

Value: Locally sourced and freshly harvested produce provides the best value in food, from both a nutritional and price perspective. Those in our community who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program have the added benefit of being able to utilize their SNAP EBT card for purchases at the Farmers Market, something not found at most roadside stands.

Community: The Farmers market is not just about purchasing great produce for a good price, it’s also a great community building event. There is simply nothing that brings a community together more effectively than sharing good food and good entertainment in a culturally diverse and safe environment.

If you have interest in Vending at the Farmers Market, please call 435-538-7949, visit www.historicbrigham.org/farmersmarket, or visit their Facebook page @historicbrigham, for details.


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