Farmers Market

Farmers Market Summer 2017

Q: What's more fun on a Saturday morning, during the summer than a Farmers Market?

A: Attending one that is right in your neighborhood, with Food Trucks too!

Historic Downtown sponsors a Farmers Market in the Bill of Rights Plaza and  south parking lot of the Box Elder County Courthouse, June - September. With the support of Brigham City, using an extended Special Event permit, we are able to bring Food Trucks to this recurring event.

Farmers Markets are not terribly complicated. Local individuals and families pick fresh produce from their garden, local artisans and craftsmen gather their wares, and food trucks drive to a central location. Within a few moments there is a full fledged public marketplace where once there was a vacant parking lot or plaza.

Public markets are the oldest form of economic development. Ever since we left the hunting and gathering stage (perhaps even before) individuals brought their excess items to a public place to barter with others having different items in excess. It's not only a terrific way to engage with one another in the community, it's an excellent source of locally grown (often organic) vegetables and fruit.

Q: When is the Farmers Market open?

A: Each Saturday at 8:00 am at the Bill of Rights plaza and Box Elder County Courthouse

We will open the 2018 season on June 16, 2018! The Farmers Market operates each Saturday morning from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. If you or someone you know has interest in participating in the Farmers Market, please go here for an application. 

We have gone to great lengths to make this as simple of process as possible. Complete one form, pay a one time application processing fee, and then reserve your booth. Our application is online and available for download.

Q: How many vendors will we expect to see at the Farmers Market?

A: It varies from week to week, but our combined total is usually around 25 vendors.

We normally have a half dozen local farm and orchard vendors, ranging in size from a single tree or small garden plot, to one of the local fruit stands along Hwy 89 operating hundreds of acres. We also have approximately 50 artisans who vie for spots each Saturday, but we limit both type and frequency of artisan vendors to ensure there are new items at the market each and every week. This year we will create even stricter guidelines governing the sale of imported or mass produced goods. We try to have have 2-3 food trucks, several fresh food vendors, and always have a Crumb Brothers Bakery booth to ensure the best selection of locally crafted foods. Top this off with a couple of top notch local music acts and a puppet show and you've just created a memorable Saturday.

Q: What types of Vendors are you looking for?

A: Successful public markets have a good mix of food, art, consumables, and entertainment

Farmers Markets are best viewed as Public Markets with a wide variety of offerings. Fresh and locally sourced produce is key, but other unique and handcrafted or homemade items are also in high demand. This includes art, photography, pottery, jewelry, locally made soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies, and  freshly prepared food. We also welcome antique, vintage, or collectible dealers. It's a great way to get your items into the public marketplace for a very low cost.

Note: There are limitations of power and sanitation at this facility so we'll need to know well in advance if you plan to prepare food on site. Food Truck or self contained trailer with Health Department and other relevant certifications are ideal.

Q: What is the cost to have a booth at the Farmers Market?

A: Booth prices for 2018 are $10.00 for artisan vendors and $5.00 for agriculture vendors. This includes a 10' X 10' space, with locations available on a first come first served basis. However, if you vend for the entire season there will be discounts, see the most current version of the application for details.

A single 10' X 10' both in the designated vending area is $10.00 per market day, $5.00 for our agriculture vendors. Food trucks are $15.00 per day and will be allocated space in the County Courthouse South parking lot or in the City parking lot, just north of the library. 

The cost of a sponsor booth is $25.00. This is a booth in which no goods or services are exchanged, rather subscriptions or services are sold for delivery outside the market.

You may reserve up to 2 booths per market day, and you may display your items in any manner you wish that is safe and sanitary. This includes canopies (must be secured with weights - NO STAKES), tables, carts, wagons, or even your vehicle.

Please note there are only a limited number of booths where you can vend out of the back of your vehicle. For safety reasons, your vehicle my not be moved until the market is closed. 

Q: Isn't there a lot of red tape, with inspections, sales tax permits, business licenses, etc?

A: NO, not for locally grown produce. For other items, it varies. 

Vendors offering locally sourced agricultural products are tax, license, and permit exempt. Just complete a Vendor Application, pay your onetime application fee and booth rental, then show up with your items and you are good to go. Other vendors require a temporary sales tax number and temporary business license. Regardless of your category, all Vendors complete our application, pay a small one-time application fee, then reserve and pay for your booth(s) and you are good to go for the season. Food trucks, are by definition more regulated, but if you have a food truck you know what entails. The good news is that the City is allowing Food Trucks under a Special Event Permit for our Farmers Market.

Q: I have more questions, how do I get help?

A: Contact us today! We still have vendor space for certain categories of vendors.

Last year the Brigham City Farmers Market drew about 400 - 600 folks each week. We expect that number to increase in 2017, because of support from vaious agencies promoting nutrition through Farmers Markets.

Interest is high, both from Vendors and especially from the community. To place your name on a time & date stamped vendor list, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 435-538-7949. We now have Vendor Booth Applications available online, please note there may be a few details change due to the city, but we are moving forward in the interest of time.

Q: Will I be expected to participate every week? What happens if I miss a week or two?

A: No, you come to the market as able. Seasonal vendors may miss two weeks and still retain their booth location.

While we would like to have all vendors be at all market days, we realize things happen. We are working very hard to keep paperwork to a minimum, so we take one applications for the season and then assign your booths when you pay. If you pay for the entire season, you pick your booth and keep it. If you can't make every market, then you pick a booth based upon availability. We'll post more details on booth locations when process when we get closer to opening day.

We would rather not have vendors show up to the market without advance notice, but we recognize things sometimes happen at the last minute. We plan to accept booth payments on the morning of the show, but ONLY for locally sourced agriculture products. Without advance notice and payment, you will have a booth assigned to you in the order of your arrival. In other words, without reserving and paying for your booth in advance, you will be assigned a booth in sequential order based upon the time of your arrival.

Note: Due to City Licensing requirements, only agriculture vendors may show up at the last minute.

Q: Why is 10' X 10' the size of your booths? Are there exceptions? stall?

A: Most  outdoor public market's use a 10' X 10' booth because canopies of that size are available at a reasonable cost. We are open to exceptions.

A 10' X 10' canopy or tent is the most common size for outdoor exhibits; however, you are NOT required to have either a tent or canopy. You may choose to use an umbrella, or have no cover at all. How you display your goods is entirely your decision, our only requirement is that it must be safe and sanitary (for produce).

There may be minor differences in booth spaces and we realize this may not be convenient, but we simply do not have the manpower to temporarily mark each booth every week for exact dimensions. This year we will setup in the Bill of Rights Plaza, with overflow vending and Food Truck parking in the Box Elder County Courthouse south parking lot. If you are particular about your spot, reserve the one you want early and for the season.

Our facilities at the Bill of Rights Plaza and Box Elder County Courthouse parking lot are used to conduct government business Monday through Friday. Accordingly there will be NO advance setup of booths or leaving anything in the parking lot after the market.

In order to vend, you must be able to setup your booth between 7:00 am and market opening at 8:00 am. and you must be able to completely take down your booth by 2:00 pm.  

Q: I have never been a vendor in a Farmers Market, do you have guidlines?

Q: It's pretty straightforward - fill out an application, pay your fees, and come to market with Good Stuff!

Okay, we don't want to make this terribly complicated. If you have good quality items to sell, especially locally sourced produce, and have an attractive display and reasonable prices you are pretty much set. This is a true marketplace environment. The way your goods are displayed, the manner you engage with customers, and the quality of your goods will determine your success. We are glad to provide one on one assistance if you contact us in advance. 

We offer the following publication as a wonderful guide on how to manage a successful Farmers Market. Please review it first, then contact us if you have questions.  

Q: I direct a non-profit organization and would like to promote our cause at the Farmers Market, is this allowed?

A: Absolutely, Farmers Markets are great places to engage with the community for social causes!

Community service organizations, social programs, and non-profits are encouraged to attend the Farmers Market. In fact, we are offering a free booth to ANY non-profit or community service organization based in Brigham City that is willing to volunteer at the Farmers Market for a day. Please note that your activities must be educational or information sharing in nature, you may not sell anything without a temporary business license at the market. 


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