Idle Isle Cafe

The Idle Isle Cafe was established in May of 1921. When they were just a recently married couple, P.C. Knudson and his wife, Verabel, opened an ice cream and candy store in the same location the Idle Isle remains to this day. Verabel's brother, David H. Call and his wife LaRita, later joined the Knudsons to form the partnership that evolved into a full service restaurant and candy shop. The unique decor of the 1920's still remains. Changes have been necessary to maintain operation, but the handcrafted wood booths, the marble and onyx soda fountain, the grandfather clock, and other unique equipment remain unchanged and a feature attraction for visiting guests.

The history of the Idle Isle includes it's survival of the Depression Years, World War II, and many other significant historical events that impacted the population and economy of the region. It's early location along the main highway was ideal for local residents and travelers.

The family establishment passed on to later generations well acquainted with it's vision. In 1994, when the challenge of running a well-known candy store and a full service restaurant grew, Richard H. VanDyke sold the restaurant portion of the Idle Isle. Kim and Ann Jeppsen bought the establishment and accepted the challenge of owning and operating the restaurant, a business they knew very little about. It became a significant part of their family, and the tradition of a family run business continued.

The tradition remains a part of the dream and vision of the establishment: to provide a high quality experience of service and food for it's guests, and an equally rewarding experience for those who are employed here.

To those guests who have spent many a day here; to those visitors who stand in awe of the unique atmosphere; and to those who have dedicated much of their lives to the success of this establishment, this will always be a special place.


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